The Bloomsbury set were group of artists and writers of the early 1900’s that included Virginia Woolf, her sister  Vanessa Bell, Maynard Keynes, Duncan Grant, Lytton Strachey, T S Eliot and E M Forster. They were considered both bohemian and intellectual and had a great influence on art and philosophy of the 20th century.

NPG Ax140432; Lady Ottoline Morrell; Maria Huxley (nÈe Nys); Lytton Strachey; Duncan Grant; Vanessa Bell (nÈe Stephen) by Unknown photographer

by Unknown photographer, vintage snapshot print, July 1915

Lytton Strachey, sitting, Duncan Grant standing and Vanessa Bell on right.

The group moved to Charleston, their wonderful house in Sussex in 1916, filling it with works of art and decorated with their paintings, sculptures and fabric designs.


Laura Ashley is not someone you would immediately associate with the Bloomsbury Group, but in the 1980’s she produced a series of  fabric designs to celebrate the saving of Charleston  ‘West Wind’ and ‘Daphne & Apollo’ by duncan grant were faithfully reproduced by Laura Ashley in 1985 as well as a series of patterns some now quite familiar and widely used, other much harder to find.


‘west wind’ (above) &  ‘Daphne & Apollo’ (below) Laura Ashley 1985, after original by Duncan Grant.



‘Queen Mary’



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