Weekly Blog – Number 5 – Laura Ashley Patchwork in Ross-on-Wye

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I recently bought a huge bag of fabric pieces from someone having a clear out. It was full of small pieces of Laura Ashley fabric from the 1970’s and 80’s. I so enjoyed sorting it all out when I got home.


It brought back great memories of my patchwork making days when I was still at college. Living in a small flat in Ross on Wye, during the holidays I  would take my patchwork box to my nearest open space and stitch away using many of the same fabrics I found in this bundle.


My favourite place was  The Prospect, a lovely grassy area by the church which overlooked the river Wye. The link above is to a great website about Ross on Wye which some lovely photos of the prospect and fascinating articles about the town .

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What People Make with the Fabric I sell – Quilts & Tweed Hearts by Lorraine.

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Over the last few years Lorraine has been buying mixed bundles of fabric from me, making unusual and interesting things with it. Here are some of the finished products which she makes and sells at her local craft fairs in the Cotswolds.

unnamed (1)

Beautifully finished padded hearts often scented with rosewater made using different designs of tweed and liberty prints.

unnamed (5)

Cosy cushions using 1950’s basket weave cotton and unusual edging and a great children’s quilt in a farming theme.

unnamed (3)

Wonderful stuff.. I look forward to seeing what else this talented needlewoman will produce.

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Weekly Blog – Number 4 – Fabric in Peckham

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There are some great markets and shops in Peckham, South London. My son has just moved there so we went exploring last weekend. Khans market sheltered us from a rain storm, then we stayed much longer than needed. They sell everything you could possible think of in an amazing old art deco building.


Loads of fruit and veg stalls are all really busy with more yams than I have ever seen in one place .


and several great fabric shops overflowing with African wax batik cottons such as Royal Textiles on Rye Lane.


The Bussey building originally making cricket bats now hosts several small businesses and exhibition spaces as well as an outdoor cinema, the photo below was taken from Franks a newly opened cafe / bar on top of an old multi-story car park which has great views over London from the roof



and a garden inspired by Derek Jarman’s in Dungeness.

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