The first John Lewis store was opened in London in 1864. An up market store originally selling textiles and fabric, later selling a wide variety of items for the home.

They introduced the Jonelle fabric range in 1937, since 2000 the name was dropped in favour of John Lewis. From the late 1940’s onwards they collaborated with top designers also associated with Heals, such as Lucienne Day,  Pat Albeck, Jacqueline Groag and Margaret Simeon, then in the 60’s Tessa Hagity, Danny Harrison and Thalia Perceval.

The Jonelle range, especially those from the 1950’s and 60’s have become popular and are becoming harder to find. Below is ‘daisy chain’ by Pat Albeck which was available in several colour ranges.



Flower Waltz another popular design from the 1960’s, was printed on linen or cotton.


Jacaranda, a big bold painterly design from the 1960’s.



and an older 1940’s or 50’s striped floral cotton interiors fabric.




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