For the love of Barkcloth..


Cotton barkcloth fabric was very popular in the 1950’s and 60’s often produced in iconic prints by well known designers of the era such as Eames, Panton and Barbara brown. The fabric used for interiors work has a textured finish with a rough feel like the bark of a tree. Hard wearing and versatile and relatively cheap it became a great favorite with interior designers and decorators. I have been collecting and selling it for a while now and wish I had kept a record of the prints that have come and I will start now. Some is still available in my ebay shop.




‘Garland’ designed by Mo Sullivan for Heals




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red background with a fishing theme

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 Amazing 1950’s atomic design which could be Lucienne Day or Marian Mahler.


$_12 (3) a One of my favourites..sold as soon as I listed it. $_12 (1) $_57 (27)a Fab design from the 1950’s very like some of Lucienne Day’ s work. Would make great wall art. $_57 (28)a Eames era geometric design.


newly listed, kitchen design so popular in the 1950’s

IMGP1791a $_12 (2) Green leaf print from 1950’s. s David Whitehead abstract design in blues and yellow. Possibly designed by Jane Daniels. $_12 (8)1950’s orange roses on white background.. 3b7c34513971751ff7558fefaf1324c7 1950’s yellow and brown geometric design. $_12 (15) Eames like design in yellow and brown. $_12 (16) Mustard yellow and orange. $_12 (17)a typical 1960’s design in orange. $T2eC16F,!)kE9s4Z-TzWBROzCM54Ug~~60_12Blue floral circles. $T2eC16J,!zEE9s3!(HziBRiOgdJboQ~~60_12tropical flowers – a design very popular in the late 1940’s. $T2eC16JHJIkE9qU3iycSBRm0sWDW1Q~~60_12 another from the 1940’s in Jacobean print. $T2eC16RHJF0FFZ-i8hILBSRWP3JKhw~~60_12One of my favourites – by Barbara Brown for Heals, the design is ‘frequency’. 0b26d66572890a879de3f44de1d735d2another Barbara Brown design from the 1960’s. 0c3f68e7e63e562268992a8dedcc8198the use of abstract flowers and geometric shapes very common in the 1950’s. 2f36f0e02207bd1dc023f0697f82961d Another fabulous design by Nicola Wood for Heals in 1963 ‘armada’. 4c93222057a4d020aaedbc8f96e44306 f569e1981a59dcf7063c7b57fb2f9665 6c454eb6a2603b90a8f1e6dfd3d65431 7f29084fb4dcc428e6c90d5682fc5655Eames style design with blocks of colour on white. aeb7bc2096b0da50c0c5cea39bb2c495 c6fd0174cd01e3aa3b6511b242a4151d d4c66030de6953a0719c6f8a84803511 facca4514358cac80ae4c0e239749ea4‘Voyageur’ a 1950’s design from Moygashel. Looking back on these photos I wish I still had the fabric, but there would be no room to move in our house! Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.


My Vintage Fabric Stash

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Bundles of fabric from my collection.

This one include several spotted fabrics, the green in silk, the navy rayon and the bottom one cotton.  1940’s  fabrics  inc early Liberty silk  and 50’s crepe.


The one below has some lovely pieces of 1940’s rayon and cotton, French toile and old Liberty checked silk.IMGP0260aa

This pile is made up of cotton an rayon orange and pink shades includes William Morris ‘golden lily’ and a Laura Ashley cotton interiors fabric


Several 1950’s and 60’s pieces here, including, barkcloth and basket weave both popular at the time.


I have used this pile as my logo for a while now, it has some great William Morris prints on linen and cotton as well as  a piece by Pat Albeck a well know designer in the 1960’s.


Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.