What People Make with the Fabric I sell – Francesca’s Vintage Lingerie

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I had some silky flesh pink rayon from the 1930’s or 40’s for sale in my ebay shop. The fabric was the narrow 35″ width common in older fabrics and felt like matt crepe silk, the type of stuff that underwear and petticoats were made of before the second world war.  This lovely fabric was listed as imperfect as there were slightly faded lines across the piece where it had been folded in storage for many years.


Francesca is a BA Hons student studying Costume Construction for Screen and Stage at University in Wales. She bought some of the pink rayon to make into underwear for her degree show and was kind enough to get in touch when she had almost finished and enclosed photos of the underwear being made showing the detail and skill involved in her wonderful work.


The following photos show the detail put into her work when making  her vintage lingerie as accurate as possible.

image (2)a


image (3)a

image (1)a

Francesca has a  fascinating website Bee Designs showing her interests and skills in textiles and fine art.

Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.



What People make with the fabric I sell – Vintage-Patch on Facebook

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I first discovered Vintage-Patch through my business facebook page. It was suggested that I  use facebook  as a way of showing more people the fabric I had available. I have found it a great way to meet like minded people who are also spreading the word about their crafts or products.


Vintage-Patch was one such interesting company, specializing in unusual elbow patches, pockets and  appliques made from vintage, reclaimed and vintage inspired new fabrics. They kindly forwarded photos of patches made using vintage fabric bought from me.  Shown below on a grey sweater.


As well as making patches Vintage-Patch has introduced pockets to liven up tops and  t-shirts. There is a great tutorial on their website blog  with easy to follow instructions showing  how to attach patches and pockets.