What People Make with the Fabric I Sell – Incey Wincey Studio Cushions

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Claire from Incey Wincey Studios makes wonderful quirky cushions using vintage fabric and felt, here are a group of owl cushions made using vintage 1960’s and 70’s St Michaels floral cottons.


Incey Wincey Studio’s  facebook page  uses her letter cushions as a profile picture. They are a great alternative to wooden letters for children. Soft and tactile, great for little and big hands alike! Perfect for helping to recognize and introduce letters.


It was fun looking through Claire’s  page and recognizing  fabric that she had bought from Vintage Fabric’s ebay shop, here was some more made into doorstops.


Claire can be contacted through her facebook page and I believe sometimes sells at craft shows in the west sussex area.

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Ideas for using Vintage Fabric – Milly Molly Mandy Pink Striped Dress


Did you enjoy Milly Molly Mandy books when you were very young?  Popular over almost 80 years, there must be a lot of us around.  A series of stories written by Joyce Lankester Brisley between 1928 and 1967  about a busy little girl growing up in a rather idyllic rural English village.


The best versions of her books had a map  inside the front and back covers showing the village where Milly Molly Mandy lived, with all places of interest marked including ‘little friend Susan’s house’ . Seeing this again takes me right back to my childhood.

Map of Village milly-molly-mandya

Milly Molly Mandy was well known for always wearing a pink and white striped dress. My mum had a couple of  striped summer dress in the late 50’s and whenever I see pink and white striped fabric it always brings to mind 1950’s style dresses with full skirts and  fitted tops and Milly Molly Mandy..


Crisp poly-cotton candy striped fabric which could be used with stripes vertically or horizontally or a combination of both.


Crisp clean light-medium weight dress fabric from my ebay shop.

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