1940’s Dayella Fabric from the makers of Viyella.

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Dayella was produced by William Hollins of Nottingham the makers of Viyella. It was made especially for children’s wear and although I can’t find the exact constituents I would assume it has a larger precentage of cotton, more like 80% to 20% merino wool,  making it harder wearing than Viyella.

I recently acquired several pieces of  Dayella with wartime utility marks which were printed on most fabric made during the second world war. These kite marks were often called cheeses or piecrusts because of their shapes the CC 41 stood for civilian clothing and were introduced in 1941.  Clothing coupons were needed to buy utility clothing fabric and people would save up their coupons for months, which was how  ‘make do and mend’ came into being; this was the start of recycling, with adult clothes being cut up to make children’s wear and old sweaters unpicked to re-use wool.

Soft pink Dayella fabric from the 1940’s with utility mark and William Hollis stamp from Viyella House Nottingham.

This woven check Dayella fabric is lovely quality stuff in excellent condition considering its age, though one piece I bought did have a little moth damage. The merino wool content can make it attractive to moths, so it is hard to find good lengths in perfect order.

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What People Make with the Fabric I Sell – Fiona’s Patchwork Cushion

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Fiona is the founder of ‘The Sewing Directory’ a website for all those who are into sewing. What a great site she has, an easy to use website with ‘how to’ guides, reviews and interviews as well as adverts for suppliers.  I discovered it while looking to promote my own website and business Vintage Fabric and decided to have regular adverts.

Fiona was tempted by the 1950’s and 60’s fabric bundles I had on my site. She wanted to make a present for her Mum with fabrics from the time she was born. What a great idea..

The cushion front ..

..and the finished cushion, what a lovely job, the colours go very well together. I’m sure Fiona’s Mum will be delighted.

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