What People Make with the Fabic I Sell – Dawn Chorus Designs

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Yvette from Dawn Chorus Designs started making cards a couple of years ago, she was trying to find a use for all the vintage fabric and playing cards that she has collected.  Initially made them for just family and friends, the  positive feedback encouraged her into producing cards to sell.

Both cards are made using 1940’s or 50’s cotton dress making fabric in small prints which compliment the playing cards well.

Dawn Chorus Etsy store opened recently and she has a facebook page too.  Her cards are also framed  as gifts.


What People Make with the Fabric I sell – Lana Sevin’s Teddy Bears

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Lana Sevin Graduated as Garment Designer and Dressmaker – sewing and craft being almost life time experience.She is passionate about reproduction of vintage teddy bears making and refurbishing them using velvet and mohair and embellishing them with vintage fabric.

The jointed velvet teddy-rabbit below is called Albino and has ears and clothes made out of vintage Laura Ashley cotton fabric in a design called ‘stocks’.

The mohair teddy bear below is dressed in vintage Sanderson cotton fabric for the clothes

This little teddy bear  is called ‘tindy windy’ and is made from pink and black tweed and velvet and stands 14″ tall. Many of Lana’s bears are adult collectors items not for children.

Lana also makes  individual handbags  using high quality vintage Sanderson linen fabric remnants. Visit her Etsy shop called Tweet and Sew where more of  her bears can be seen.