land girls material

Wouldn’t this fabric be great as a ‘land girls’ style 40’s summer dress  or blouse. The rayon fabric hangs really well and has a design of blue, pink, grey and green flowers on a  black trellis background

I found a couple of lengths of this fabric from the flea market at Malvern. They were so prettily wrapped up, I couldn’t see that one piece had a couple of holes right in the centre making unsaleable. What do they say ‘its an ill wind that blows no one any good’?  Now I can keep a length for myself to make a  short sleeved blouse..

None left on my ebay site now, but I am constantly on the look out for more. (found some!)



Since writing this blog I have been on the look out for similar fabric, and I found some more in a different colour but the same design. Enough this time for a 1940’s style dress as well as a blouse.

$_57 (5)a



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