Weekly Blog – Number 2 – The Tale of Two Scarves

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I am always hesitant about buying fine wool scarves from flea markets or car-boot sales, as the chances are that the moths will have got to them. However at Ledburys first boot sale of the year I gave in to temptation.


The first one from the 1980’s by my favourite designers of the time Collier Campbell, gorgeous and I wouldn’t have been in the least sorry to find a hole or two so that I won’t be tempted to sell it, but it is perfect..I’m still keeping it. It has name a date woven into one corner too. Sarah Campbell (the Campbell of Collier Campbell) is still busy working of wonderful designs, check our her website Sarah Campbell Designs. I recently wrote a blog about her early work which she very generously helped with.


The second scarf was in the wonderful Hera peacock design from Liberty in purple. No such luck with the moths though, plenty of holes in this one, but it is lovely and big and will look great thrown over a chair. I don’t care about a few moth holes myself, just couldn’t sell it on.

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Weekly Blog – number 1 – Five year Anniversary

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I can’t believe that it is five years since Vintage Fabric became an proper business. Where has the time gone?

To mark the occasion I have decided to start a short weekly blog.

The weather has been glorious this week, sunny and warm, perfect for the Easter Monday Flea market at Malvern. It was massive.. Rog my husband and partner in business and everything else reckoned there were around 10,000 people there. I certainly found some great vintage fabric, mostly to sell on but some I won’t be able to part with.. despite the throngs we still managed to bump into my sister Sue and niece Sophie with their treasures.


 Here they are with Rog and the shopping trolley!


The van getting full..


Just part of the pile I came back with, I am going to have such fun sorting through this lot..


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Collier Campbell Designs

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On my treasure hunts for vintage fabrics, among my very favourite finds are the vibrant and colourful designs by Collier Campbell who I have admired for many years.

The working design partnership of sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell started in the 1960’s producing work for Liberty, Heals, Habitat and many others. They founded their company together in 1979/80. Their painterly designs like works of art will never date, many can be found in the V&A archives.

$_57 (10)

‘Bauhaus’ for Liberty of London,

an iconic 1972 design which I gather was inspired by the Gunta Stolzl tapestry which hangs in the Bauhaus archive in Berlin

$_57 (11)

‘Kasak’ for Liberty, reminding me of log-cabin patchwork.

970575_630617090290169_347078010_nSusan Collier and Sarah Campbell were the first women to win the Duke of Edinburgh’s Designer Prize in 1984 for their ‘Six Views’ fabric collection  ‘Cote d’Azure’ shown above in deep colourway,  being one of them.


‘Sideshow’ designed for Heals in the 1970’s


‘Clandon’ designed for Liberty.

After Susan Collier’s  death in 2011, Sarah Campbell now works under her own name producing wonderful designs for textiles and stationery. She has a website Sarah Campbell Designs and a great blog which is regularly updated showing what a busy enthusiastic and inspiring person she is.


For further reading and exploration of  their work the book ‘The Collier Campbell Archive, 50 years of passion in pattern’ is available to buy from Amazon and any good bookshop.

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Pat Albeck – Textile designer

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Pat Albeck has always been a favourite designer of mine, her career began in the 1950’s designing dress making fabric for Horrockses. Her designs influenced by Scandinavian textiles, French and Italian fashion fabrics.


By the 1960’s she became well known for designing dress fabric for ‘dolly rockers’ one of the English boutique labels of the 1960’s, very ‘hip’ at the time and known for using model Patti Boyd to model their dresses.

The Dolly Rocker dress below courtesy of ‘OMG that dress‘. So 1960’s..


During the 60’s and 70’s Pat Albeck continued designing dress and interiors fabric, as well as wallpaper and tea towels, many for the newly formed National Trust.

The ones below of Styal Country Park in Cheshire and the Lake District. both in her distinctive style.



$_57 (17)

She worked for several different companies including Sanderson, this is ‘spot and his friends’ which I am pretty sure is one of her designs, an even more familiar one is ‘Italian Garden’ for Osman.


$_57 (2)

Daisy Chain was one of the Jonelle range from John Lewis always a best-selling design, available in several colour-ways, it has recently been reissued as part of the anniversary range.


Primavera (shown above) designed for Osman furnishings in 1960, she thought of as one of her favourite and most successful designs.

Pat Albeck has an interesting and comprehensive website telling her story in detail, well worth a look.  Interestingly her son Matthew married another designer Emma Bridgewater.

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Vintage Jonelle Fabric from John Lewis


The first John Lewis store was opened in London in 1864. An up market store originally selling textiles and fabric, later selling a wide variety of items for the home.

They introduced the Jonelle fabric range in 1937, since 2000 the name was dropped in favour of John Lewis. From the late 1940’s onwards they collaborated with top designers also associated with Heals, such as Lucienne Day,  Pat Albeck, Jacqueline Groag and Margaret Simeon, then in the 60’s Tessa Hagity, Danny Harrison and Thalia Perceval.

The Jonelle range, especially those from the 1950’s and 60’s have become popular and are becoming harder to find. Below is ‘daisy chain’ by Pat Albeck which was available in several colour ranges.

$_57 (2)

Flower Waltz another popular design from the 1960’s, was printed on linen or cotton.


Jacaranda, a big bold painterly design from the 1960’s.



and an older 1940’s or 50’s striped floral cotton interiors fabric.




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What People Make with the Fabric I Sell – Sunbeam Jackie Parasols

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Sunbeam Jackie  from Cornwall make the most beautiful luxury handcrafted parasols. They used  a wide range of vintage fabrics, dating from the 1920’s, a small amount of which they buy from us.




Their latest collection includes one called ‘petunia’ using a Sanderson print ‘petunia trellis from the 1970’s  and one of my favourites ‘the island’ in exotic red prints, including a 60’s design by Edward Pond.



Bespoke and waterproofed their patchwork designs are both eye catching and practical.





Check out Sunbeam Jackie on their website and facebook page

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Loose lips sink ships

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Originally posted on cattylilsewnsew:

This gorgeous piece of vintage ship fabric is high on my favourite list in my ever expanding vintage textile collection.  The selvage had the name ‘Hastings’ inked on it. I did a water style edge-to-edge quilting pattern on it. In the fabrics previous life it was a curtain and is still in perfect condition.  Hastings now lives on the spare room bed.

Loose Lips sinks ships Quilted up-cycled vintage ship fabric

Hastings vintage ships up-cycled fabric Quilted, Vintage ships fabric

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