What People Make with the fabric I sell – ‘The Village Hippy’ Gifts and Clothing

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I met  Lindsey of  ‘The Village Hippy’ on facebook some time ago. Such a lovely person with a kind and positive outlook on life.  She makes great bags, hangings and memo boards using vintage fabric, buttons and bindings.

Here is one the memo boards she made with linen fabric she bought from me, the design is ‘flowers waltz’ a 1960’s design from Jonelle.


Recently she has turned her hand to dress making and like everything she does, makes a fabulous job of it.  The finishing of this ‘buttercup’ Doris dress is wonderful. She has adapted a vintage pattern and used 1970’s St Michael  yellow daisy fabric for the sleeves, frilled hem and binding.


What a clever person..



Check out her unique range of gifts, clothing and quirky items. TheVillage Hippy


Since posting this blog Lindsey has made another dress with the vintage St Michael fabric..lovely.

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Ideas for using Vintage Fabric – Patchwork Chairs


It take relatively little fabric to cover a chair so can be an inexpensive way of updating your living space if you have the time and patience. One of my first ever upholstery projects was covering an old wooden chair in Laura Ashley patchwork pieces for our first flat in the 1970’s.. I still have that chair in the spare room though rather faded and worn now I still can’t bear to throw it out.


Patchwork chairs such as this arm chair covered in vintage floral cottons look so cosy. I love the way that the patchwork has been even extended to the chair legs.




Another comfy armchair with patchwork and wonderful applique work.


Beautifully finished in button back design.



Elegant dining chairs in quality patchwork designs.


The seaside colours of these sweet little painted chairs would look great in a beach hut.




I have several lots of patchwork bundles in various weights such as



or this cotton chintz bundle.




Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.

Patchwork Bundles



What People Make with the Fabric I Sell – Leah Rose Designs Barkcloth Cushions

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Nora from Leah Rose Designs makes beautiful cushions, purses and accessories using vintage fabric and textiles. She sells them online in her Etsy shop and her Folksy shop.

She sent me a photo of some lovely cushions she made using  1950’s cotton barkcloth fabric..what a great job.



Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.


Vintage Heals Fabric from Winchester


We called in at Winchester on the way home from a short holiday by the sea recently. What an interesting place with some beautiful buildings and a long history,  …..


As always we searched the local shops for vintage fabric and came across ‘Winchester antiques centre’ in one of the back streets. We found treasure in the form of old curtains from Heals.. it had belonged to the lady who sold it to us. It was so good to talk to her and hear the history of the fabric. She had come back to live in London from America in 1958 and bought both lots of fabric from Heals store on Tottenham Court Road, London. We had a long chat about places we both knew in USA and train journeys we had taken..it made our minds up to visit New York  later this year..I have wanted to visit the Guggenheim museum for ages.

Here are the fabrics I bought..


1950’s cotton interiors fabric by Peter Hall for Heals, the design is ‘verdure’ in orange and green.

$_12 (2)

David Whitehead cotton fabric also from the 1950’s. I think the design is by Jane Daniels, though I don’t know it’s name.

Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.

Ideas for Using Vintage Fabric – 1950’s Style Striped Dresses

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I always loved the dresses my mum wore in the summer when I was little. The ones I remember most were striped, with full skirts and a fitted bodice, sometimes the stripes would be horizontal on the skirt and vertical on the bodice.

mums dressa

Here’s our family in 1958, with Mum in one of her striped summer dresses. (I am the one with plaits!) I think her Mum (my Granny) made it, she made lots of our clothes and was the one who first got me interested in sewing, often taking me to markets in Manchester for fabric.

This blue green wide striped fabric on background of floral sprigs by Crowson is called ‘montana’, it was made for light weight curtains and interiors, but would be great to use for one of these dresses.


As would this green striped cotton by Lee Jofa, the stripes run vertically, but shown here side ways on.


From a Dutch magazine advert dated 1958.




Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.

For the love of Barkcloth..

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Cotton barkcloth fabric was very popular in the 1950’s and 60’s often produced in iconic prints by well known designers of the era such as Eames, Panton and Barbara brown. The fabric used for interiors work has a textured finish with a rough feel like the bark of a tree. Hard wearing and versatile and relatively cheap it became a great favorite with interior designers and decorators. I have been collecting and selling it for a while now and wish I had kept a record of the prints that have come and gone..so I will start now. Some is still available in my ebay shop.

$_57 (27)a

Fab design from the 1950’s very like some of Lucienne Day’ s work. Would make great wall art.

$_57 (28)a

Eames era geometric design.

$_57 (3)

newly listed, kitchen design so popular in the 1950’s


$_12 (1)


$_12 (2)

Green leaf print from 1950’s.$_12 (12)

David Whitehead abstract design in blues and yellow. Possibly designed by Jane Daniels.

$_12 (8)1950’s orange roses on white background..

$_12 (13)

1950’s yellow and brown geometric design.

$_12 (15)

Eames like design in yellow and brown.

$_12 (16)

Mustard yellow and orange.

$_12 (17)a typical 1960’s design in orange.

$T2eC16F,!)kE9s4Z-TzWBROzCM54Ug~~60_12Blue floral circles.

$T2eC16J,!zEE9s3!(HziBRiOgdJboQ~~60_12tropical flowers – a design very popular in the late 1940’s.


another from the 1940’s in Jacobean print.

$T2eC16RHJF0FFZ-i8hILBSRWP3JKhw~~60_12One of my favourites – by Barbara Brown for Heals, the design is ‘frequency’.

0b26d66572890a879de3f44de1d735d2another Barbara Brown design from the 1960’s.

0c3f68e7e63e562268992a8dedcc8198the use of abstract flowers and geometric shapes very common in the 1950’s.


Another fabulous design by Nicola Wood for Heals in 1963 ‘armada’.




7f29084fb4dcc428e6c90d5682fc5655Eames style design with blocks of colour on white.




facca4514358cac80ae4c0e239749ea4‘Voyageur’ a 1950’s design from Moygashel.

Looking back on these photos I wish I still had the fabric, but there would be no room to move in our house!

Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.

My Vintage Fabric Stash

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Bundles of fabric from my collection.

This one include several spotted fabrics, the green in silk, the navy rayon and the bottom one cotton.  1940’s  fabrics  inc early Liberty silk  and 50’s crepe.


The one below has some lovely pieces of 1940’s rayon and cotton, French toile and old Liberty checked silk.IMGP0260aa

This pile is made up of cotton an rayon orange and pink shades includes William Morris ‘golden lily’ and a Laura Ashley cotton interiors fabric


Several 1950’s and 60’s pieces here, including, barkcloth and basket weave both popular at the time.


I have used this pile as my logo for a while now, it has some great William Morris prints on linen and cotton as well as  a piece by Pat Albeck a well know designer in the 1960’s.


Further information about Vintage Fabric can be found at the links below.

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